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The reliance paper of 23rd march 2011 was more or less of an easy type. It had two sections, a mental aptitude test containing 75 questions and a technical portion of 50 questions. Both were to be solved in half an hour.

Mental aptitude(75 ques): 

All of the questions were quite easy, very easy in fact. Just one question seemed odd, which was:
Revolution is related to evolution in the same way as flying is to walking/standing/bird/whirling.

Technical(Instrumentation-50 ques): 

1 gm/cc = ____kg/m3.

1 atm = ___kg/cm2.

what range of pressure used in pneumatic systems(ans: 3-15 psi).

what type of orifice used for gas-liquid mixture flow: concentric/segmental/eccentric.

Given PB of 60%,70%,80%,90%, which one is the most sensitive?

Integral orifice is used for low/medium/high flow applications.

Which of the following is a variable area type flow meter(ans: rotameter).

For a 36” dia gas pipeline which of the following flowmeter is used: orifice/annubar/target flow meter.

A compressor should be operated above/on/near the surge line.

For measuring γ-ray radioactivity what would you use: scintillation counter/cathode ray tube/all of the above.

In cascade control ___ of the primary controller is the___ of the secondary controller.

For derivative control step input gives ___ output.

Demorgan’s law is useful bcoz it converts NOR to NAND/NOR to AND/etc.

NAND is called a universal gate bcoz..

RS-485 can be used for multidrop communication: true/false.

Which of the following is a high-temp O2 analyser: zirconia/paramagnetic/radiation/etc.

A question on gas chromatography which I can’t recollect.

Given a ckt find out the current in a particular branch.

Zener barrier is used to: limit input current/limit input current coming from field/limit energy going to field.

Which of the following is type K thermocouple: copper constantan/iron constantan/ Pt rhodium/ chromel alumel.

For measuring 1200°C what thermocouple would you use: K/J/E/R.

Full form of MIMS as used with thermocouples.

Relation between flow rate and ΔP(ans: Q a ÖΔP)

Problem using the above relation.

What can be used to detect combinational hazards in circuits: truth table/K-map/sequence table.

If a chip containing a RAM has power switched off and then on, then data in the RAM is irretrievably lost/data is retained/data is retained with minor modifications/chip is damaged.

Iif a 20 MHz wave is fed into a cascade of mod-10,mod-5 and mod-4 counters the lowest o/p freq obtainable is___.

For a tank containing water to a ht. of 2m pressure at the bottom in kg/cm² is____.

For noise reduction what can be connected across the P.S. pins of an IC: resistor/capacitor/diode/transistor.

The no. of o/p states in a 4-bit ADC.

If the previous state in a 4-bit up/down counter is 1111, the next state will be___.

Advantage of double seated control valve.

Which of the following types of CV has tight shut-off: III/IV/V/VI.

Ratio of maxm. to minm. Controllable flow of a CV is called___.

Which of these is not a CV characteristic: quick opening/linear/modified parabolic/equal %.

An I/P converter converts analog to pneumatic/analog to digital/digital to pneumatic.

The commonly used range of analog current signal is___.

Full form of CMOS.

Which of these is required for calibration: calibrating equipment/controlled environmental conditions/competent personnel/traceability of standards/all of the above.

Glycerine filled gauges are used for prevention of corrosion/pulsation/some other option/all of these.

full form of TCP/IP.

Which of the following is insensitive to noise: optical fibre/twisted pair/coaxial cable.

Maxm cable length in RS-232C: 50m/100m/150m/200m.

Which of the foll cannot be used to generate square waves: astable/monostable/bistable/bootstrapping ckt.

Advantage of floating power supply

For flow control loop what can be used: PID/PI/P control.

Capacitor energy equation(ans: W=½CV²).

Given an 8-bit string identify which does not have even parity.

What is done in a flapper-nozzle amplifier.

Dead weight tester operates on which principle (ans: pascal’s law).



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